🇬🇧 barista compact in english

Donnerstag, 12. Dezember 2024
18:00 Uhr
6 freie Plätze

Zielgruppe: english speaking Cappuccino Lovers

Teilnehmerzahl: bis zu 6

Dauer: 3 Stunden

Teilnahmegebühr: € 105,– pro Person

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We show you the right handles for good espresso and milk foam. In this pure practice workshop, it's all about the right grinding, portioning and tamping and you'll also use our foaming technique to conjure up a wonderfully fine-pored and creamy milk froth.

learning content • Espresso preparation according to SCAE standard • Milk foam preparation

Our equipment We work with espresso machines from ECM ans Ascaso. In addition, there are various grinders available. For whom is this seminar suitable? This hands-on workshop is for anyone who wants to learn or deepen the craft of a baristas / bariste.

Sustainability We almost no longer waste cow's milk in our courses since we discovered the substitute "BCB" from Canada. Fresh whole milk from the region is of course still available for drinking your first own milk creations; -) Of course there are also vegan alternatives available. If you have already found a good-tasting vegan alternative, you are welcome to bring a liter with you to practice.


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